In my previous post, we tested Google’s personal assistants (Google Assistant) as an assistant for your career. The conclusion was that Google Assistant needs to learn a lot more to be a good Personal Job Assistant.

As mentioned in the previous post, Personal assistants like Google Assistant or Siri may be the future. Personally I expect they will be part of our future but important is that the assistants are doing what they should do, namely assist.

In the previous post we tested Google Assistant for getting a new work. It can be freelance or a full time job. In the real world most people don’t have somebody who professionally advice them so a digital job assistant might create value for the user.

Let’s see how iPhone’s Siri can help already.

Case number 1
I would like to have freelance job tomorrow, for example when you need money.


Oeps, it looks like Siri didn’t understand my question well and now it is looking for restaurants.
Technically translated Siri takes the intent lunch job as that I am looking for a restaurant.

Let’s try it again..


Also far from perfect, or actually it didn’t make sense. The expected intent is that there is an event freelance job. Probably an event is triggered by “looking for….tomorrow”


Case number 2
In case you would like to change your job, we asked Siri for advice.


Siri understands the question and looks for question to help me with my career. It is a nice beginning..


Case number 3
Let’say your contract will be finished in 3 months and you would like to find another job

Siri-3months-finish-job (2)

Again, Siri doesn’t understand my question and expect a reminder. Probably triggered by Three months. Not good, but we could me the question more clear so that is what we did.

Siri-3months-finish-job-make-reminders (2)

But unfortunuatly, it didn’t get better. Siri made a reminder in stead of assisting me.

To summarize, we see also Siri is not a good Job Assistant. Like Google Assistant it needs to learn much more so let’s run the test in about 3-4 months again and see the results.

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