On Thursday the the 16th of May, Berlin Lean Startup organized the 20th Lean StartUp Meetup in Berlin.


The idea is to inspire entrepreneurs to create or join a Startup by:

  • Inspiring presentations of startups
  • Find a co-owner
  • Flea-market, to announce other events or look for people to join your startup team
  • Just networking

In Berlin, Holger Dietrich organized the Berlin Lean Startup meetings in the restaurant of his employer, YouIsNow.  YouIsNow is the incubator of immobilienscout24.de.

This meeting there were 3 talks:

talk 1:  Ezeep
Cath Richardson, product manager of ezeep (cloud printing SaaS)
As Lean Startup fan, It was an very interesting presentation in which Cath explained how she was used to work according the Lean Startup methodology in her previous job in a marketing agency. Finally she could use the experience in a real startup. But in practice the rhetoric of Eric Ries is a good guideline, but you have the incident when something happens to find a problem/solution fit. In case of ezeep it the found by accident that “SaaS printing” is very interested for Co-locations.

I mentioned during the talk that it is very hard in practice to avoid development. In this case it seems that the software was ready before ezeep started to use the Lean Startup methodology.

talk 2: “KIDDIFY: From Inception to Conception; The journey thus far…”
Paula Laurel Jackson, founder of kiddify.
Paula told the story of her live. A very, very inspiring journey with the message that you should follow your passion. The project is very interesting, it is some kind of protected YouTube where children can create courses for other children around the globe. The movies will be translated by the kiddify. Now Paula was running an crowdfunding campaign to collect the needed investments for the project.

As an idea it is very nice. As a business you need to get users and content. Besides you need to earn back the content processing like translating and security check.

From the Lean Startup perspective, this project doesn’t look very Lean. The idea is to create content for a year and then launch the service. I would rather do Customer Development in between and use YouTube for Minimum Viable Products.

talk 3: Hubert Beyerle and Robert Holzapfel
“Warmmiete24 – From Hackathon to MVP in 3 months.”
Hubert, Robert and 2 others they won the Hackathon and created a website based on the  immobilienscout24.de API to make an overview of the total monthly cost including the heating of the apartment.

If I should keep it Lean, I should do customer interviews before and after it a smoke test with a landingpage before any programming.

Between the meetings there is a flea-market where everybody who would like to announce something gets the microphone. Some other events were announced and there were Startups looking for programmers.

Look for a co-founder
During the meetings you could apply for a red sticker, if you are looking for a co-founder. First thought it is strange to look for a co-founder you don’t know but the world is at once much bigger and you may find the perfect match. More obvious is that you get new contacts, with new idea’s. This way you can help each other. In general it is a perfect way to easy make contact and exchange idea’s.

One of the sponsors was startupdigest.com. StartupDigest is the free weekly email to help you meet people and learn more in the tech startup world. It is an interesting news letter.

All together it was worth the trip. The (lean) startup scene in Berlin has the vibe….

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