One the 9 reasons why freelancers take over the world #FreelancersTakeOverWorld (see previous post) is reason #4 Marketplaces and platforms.

If we focus on flexible jobs, the staffing offices like Randstad and Addeco are still ruling the world but if the flexible worked will all be a freelancer, why do we need this Staffing Offices anymore?

Staffing office themselves have arguments like staffing is people work, recruitment takes time and there is a lot of fiscal and legal hassle involved in staffing flexible work.
Indeed but why is it so expensive?
All these arguments can be solved by smart processes and modern technology and communication, already. It will be still people work but you don’t need big staffing offices with heavy overhead and tons of recruiters.

There are already quiet some companies, most of them startups that build a smart marketplace for temporary staffing. Below 6 examples:

1. Wonolo
Wonolo (stands for Work. Now. Locally) claims Making on-demand staffing simple. It is an brand new initiative with an on-demand staffing platform for businesses to fill their immediate hourly or daily labor needs. Wonolo calls itself the last mile for the staffing problem. It serves all type of companies from multinationals to Small-to-Medium businesses. Wonolo allows companies to manage unpredictability their existing labor force with hourly to daily employees (called Wonoloers) who can come in within an hour and do the job. Wonoloers are people who want the freedom of flexibility.

2. GoWorkaBit
GoWorkaBit is an older initiative that calls themselves the Twitter for jobs.
GoWorkaBit brings together companies that need just-in-time workforce for their short-term entry-level #workbites with people who want freedom to choose when and where they work.


3. Hero Jobs
Hero Jobs helps Los Angeles based small businesses find, hire, and pay temp labor. Hero started with the idea that a mobile, technology driven staffing firm could operate with significantly less overhead. Hero says that they cut out the fat that makes other staffing agencies costly. For example staffing offices have hundreds of storefront locations and manual account management. Hero Jobs have simplified the process of finding, hiring, and paying temp contract labor that you can use on-demand.

4. Werkly
Werkly calls itself the AirBnB for skilled and unskilled labor. Werkly is an online community marketplace where you can Find, Hire, and Pay skilled and unskilled labor. It uses advanced filtering and networking parameters so you can find friends in your network who have the skills and availability to accomplish your task.

Then the Dutch situation. In the Netherlands, Temporarily Staffing is developed very well. Frits Goldschmeding, the founder of Randstad started already in 1960 providing personnel in the area of Amsterdam. Since then Randstad has been grown to one of the biggest staffing office in the world. With this background, The Netherlands would be a nice country to disrupt the staffing industry.

5. Flexbook
In there is an article written (in Dutch) about Flexbook. Flexbook is not directly “attacking” (or disrupting) the staffing agencies but would like to reduce their role. Flexbook is not working with freelancers (in Dutch ZZP-er) but hires Flexworkers like an staffing agency. Flexwork is focusing on the hospitality industry but expects they can copy the model to other industries.


6. Werkspot
A very well running marketplace in the Netherlands that connects professional workman to job (for private people), is Werkspot. Werkspot is founded in 2005 and is well known platform in The Netherlands from which I know people have good experiences. It is not directly focused of freelancers (ZZP-ers) but also for (smaller) building companies. It pure focus on bringing a workman to a job and eventually rate it. There is no legal and administrative services involved.

As you see there is a lot going on the staffing industry but although it looks quiet easy there are no serious services that disrupt the staffing industry yet.

The question is why there are not so many initiatives that disrupt the staffing industry yet?
If you have to answer please contact me or drop a comment under this article.

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