AdWords is a very popular way to generate more leads on with your website or sell more via your (online) shop. Besides very often it is one of the cheapest ways to generate leads or deals. In other words the lowest cost per lead or cost per deal. This mainly counts for AdWords Search but a less for Display (AdSense text ads and banners).

But… it is the lowest in case you are doing it well. To do AdWords well you need to have experience, you need to predict the effect of every change you make, you need to have clear bidding strategy, you need to know an efficient way to check the campaigns, you need to know have much more….

To make it easy for yourself, you can look for full service AdWords companies. They will do everything and you only need to send your products in case of a deal. Or contact your lead. The big benefit it is easy.

But there are also some disadvantages. For example:

  • you have no control or compare if the full service company is doing a good job
  • it is often expensive, so if you calculate the costs per deal or lead, it is not so cheap anymore
  • many full service companies don’t care about the landingpages and website. But AdWords is about relevance. Relevance between keyword, ad and….landingpages

To keep the cost low you can do AdWords yourself. Off course it takes time and time is money so the question is, if you should invent the wheel yourself?


To make the ideal combination you can let a company watch your campaign. Some kind of (weight)watchers who are monitoring your campaigns, landingpages and websites with their experience. They will also advice you what to do. Besides you can ask questions. (weight)watchers is not only watching but also test if your changes or the advised changes have the expected effect. From questions and tests you will learn and generate own idea’s.

It is the best way to get your campaigns on a higher level.

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