Online marketing is quiet a challenge for companies who don’t have enough budget to employ online marketing specialists (and then you still need to find the right people).


Let’s say you have a business. Although your present client-base is big enough to run your company and new client you get by word of mouth and (traditional) advertisement. You or your marketing manager is an excellent marketeer who can connect your product with the market but is not experienced with online marketing. Your company started with Google AdWords in house but it was hard to get new leads out of it. So you decided to hire a full service online marketing agency. The agency managed to get leads out of AdWords and advised you Social media but this didn’t give any leads. All together is was quiet expensive and if you calculated the total cost, it was not very attractive and besides you have no idea how the agency got the results. You only got reports.

Actually what you or your marketing manager wants is a company that advice you and offer you the possibility to execute the advises. Off course you can execute the advise yourself. This way you keep the costs low and you can learn.

ContentForces offers a service where you will get frequently or on request an advice to improve your website, AdWords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media based on Google Analytics or another web analytics tool.

According the standard and proven process: Analyse & Advice, Improve (execute the tasks), Test the improvements and Learn from it.

To make it affordable and besides adaptable to your (changing) budget, ContentForces offers a prepaid hours card with various number of hours. The more hours you buy prepaid, the more discount you get per hour. An advise cost always 2 hours. For every Improvement tasks you will get an offer so you can decide if you do it yourself or let ContentForces do it. Testing and document the Learning also cost 2 hours. No prepaid hour will charged without your written permission.

ContentForces offers a tool for communication where Analyze & Advice, Improve, Test and Learn. You don’t pay for it. As long as ContentForces is advising you. You can use it.

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