If you were involved in software development you may have heart from Agile methodology. The philosophy is that you don’t define all requirements before the project, then you make a architecture and the design. After it you start programming. It is called the waterfall method. You can compare it with the automobile industry. Building a house has already a little more flexibility.


Back to AdWords. AdWords is not a project with a start and an end. But there is a clear result with clear focus but a very dynamic environment. The result is low cost per deal/lead with as many deals or leads. But the environment is very dynamic. Within AdWords you can make a set of standard checks and actions but the environment is very dynamic.

The dynamically you can think about campaigns (promotions), changing products and services but even moremarket,competitionseasonseconomy, weather, even the income of your buyers etc.

If you can bring Agility in AdWords by iterations with standard actions, following by test the actions and learn from it. Other iterations can act better on the dynamics. You will learn from it and you will be able to catch predictable behavior in algorithms or machine learning.

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