In Western Europe for a more then a decade it is very difficult to find skilled technical people like software developers.

One of the most common solutions to solve the problem is to outsource to countries where more software developers and data-analysts are available and mostly the rates are lower. India is a very popular destination but also countries like Nepal and Philippines offer solutions.

Closer to Western Europe it is popular to outsource to countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia withing the European Union.

But where-ever you outsource communication is the biggest challenge. It is the difference in language and more important in culture. People within a software development team and even more important sponsors needs to get aware of this challenge. It is not a matter of price, to deliver a project, everybody within a project needs to understand each other, use the benefits of their culture and learn from the other culture.

We should not forget the process. Well implemented Scrum, kanban or other agile processes is the base for successful project. Understanding each other is the base for long term corporation in which the sponsor not only gets what he wants but also be advised to adapt projects in the right way. Mostly it means less development more measuring of features that will be used.

And now just when technology is integrated in the Marketing Team… you also need data analysts, or better data scientists in the team.


Most CMO’s like to have a teams on location. It is easier to manage, and ongoing changes can be done without to big effort. On the performance is harder to measure on location, as soft factors are leading in measuring performance (or better judging) the developer or data analyst.

One of the main bottle-necks not to outsource (as long as you can find local people), is building a team. With building a team there should not be a company in between that reduce the transparency. Main target of not being transparent is that that the outsource company doesn’t want to show how they internally work and how much they earn.

Much better would be if the CMO or marketing manager can open talk with all developers. Understand their challenges (technical, non technical and even private) and help them to solve them. The manager gains respect and the developer is willing to do an extra step. This is about motivation. Managers learn to understand local culture and software developer understand the business culture of the company he or she is working for.

The solution is to create an open cost model in which CMO’s or marketing managers can manage the software developers and data-analysts as if it was their team.

Open (cost) model in which you pay for working space (maybe including management) and for the salary and other costs of the developer. In combination with a location that is easy to reach preferable by budget flights or even by car.

By creating an open model, marketing manager can recruit and hire and manage their “own” people. You, as a marketing manager can connect the creative local marketing team. Local culture-driven work like content and main part of the design can be done by the local team. Data-analysis and development can be done with the “own” people on a distance. By frequently travelling and acting as one team with the same targets can move very fast forward within a scrum model.

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