Some time ago Churchill Madyavanhu started the Bullseye Traction Framework meetup in Poznan. The meetups are based on the Traction Book from Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.

I was the lucky one to kickoff with the first case in already the 2nd Bullseye Traction Framework meetup in Poznan. My case is based on of our most recent startup projects that is still in the very early idea phase. It is the idea to help consumers with choosing their furniture with Augmented Reality like Ikea is doing.


The Lean Canvas was presented but will not be shared in this post, as there are to many details in it. If you are interested you can always contact me by dropping a note in the comment box below. Summarized the idea is to discover if furniture chains are interested to have their furniture in a general database that is available for consumers to choose the right furniture for their house with help of Augmented Reality, so like Ikea is doing. For now we call it Virtual Furniture.

During the next step in the case Virtual Furniture, we discussed the channels. This part is sahers. Below the summary:

  1. Viral Marketing
    Is always nice, and maybe interesting in the future when the focus on consumers
  2. Public Relations (PR)
    Is one of the 3 chosen channels. We need to get stories around the product
  3. Unconventional PR
    Will be hard for B2B product.
  4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Will be hard as we don’t expect our audience (furniture chains) will look for Augmented Solutions. And even if they will what will be the keyword.
  5. Social and Display Ads
    Not yet as the audience (furniture chains) is possible to reach in a different way.
  6. Offline Ads
    Hard to reach the right audience.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    See Search Engine Marketing. Besides of that SEO takes very long to get it working well.
  8. Content Marketing
    Blogging is an option to create the story. It will be part of the chosen channel Public Relations
  9. Email Marketing
    During the meetup, most attendants didn’t like this channel. Anyway it is not the channel to start with
  10. Engineering as Marketing
    No idea’s for this channel during the meetup
  11. Target Market Blogs
    Guest Blogging is an option to create the story. It will be part of the chosen channel Public Relations
  12. Business Development
    Not interested channel (yet)
  13. Sales
    Everybody within the meetup agreed. This will be the most promising channel. Approach the furniture chains and try to get a sign for NDA, pre contract or contract.
  14. Affiliate Programs
    No idea’s for this channel during the meetup
  15. Existing Platforms
    Platforms like Facebook (and also blogs) were mixed with Viral Marketing (first channel). But everybody agreed this is not a promising channel yet.
  16. Trade Shows
    Trade shows were chosen as the 2nd most promising channel. The advice is to visit trade shows and try to get in contact with the high management of the furniture chains. So no own stand or presentation is needed in this stage.
  17. Offline Events
    Events are a very interested channel but it will be (almost) impossible to get the right audience of higher management of furniture chains together.
  18. Speaking Engagements
    The same as the previous channel of Offline Events. Besides we don’t have enough authority to be invited for Speaking Engagements.
  19. Community Building
    Not possible and so not interested in this stage.

For the next meetup, I will shortly present the filled in Bullseye Framework for Virtual Furniture, and for the long term discuss the results.

If you are interested to help us with finding traction in Virtual Furniture (or Augmented Reality Furniture), feel free to contact me via the form below or joint the next Bullseye Traction Framework Meetup in Poznan.

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