On Techcrunch in November:
Showpad Closes Additional $8.5M For Its Mobile-First Software To Enable Sales Reps To Be More Productive

Very interesting news concerning Mobile Content Management, as it seems a validation that Investors see a fast growing market in providing the salesforce with the right content.
Boutsen (CEO) from Showpad explains the problem as follows in Techcrunch:

sales and marketing alignment in B2B is broken, costing companies billions of dollars every year.

So if there is a market, there are Customer-problems but how to find the customers? and how to get traction?

Maybe with help of the the book Traction: Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers from Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares. More information you can find on discuss.tractionbook.com.


Based on chapter 17 Business development, I described some idea’s to use Business development to help your salesforce to have the right content on the right place.

Business development is like sales with one key distinction: it is primarily focused on exchanging value through partnerships, whereas sales primarily focuses on exchanging dollars for a product. Picking the Right Partners Understanding a partner’s goals is key to creating a mutually beneficial relationship (source: the book Traction).

In the traditional way the “sales cycle” of Business development is very long. You need to create a long pipeline to get it working as most deals you have in mind probably will not happen.

In the book Traction, the term “Business Development 2.0” is introduced. The term is new for me, but it was immediately clear what it means. In the book traction is described as follows:
Business development has historically been a high-touch process that includes a lot of personal interactions. Reaching out to partners, understanding their needs, and negotiating terms are all part of a traditional business deal. However, businesses recently have been moving to more low-touch business development. Low-touch BD utilizes tools like APIs, feeds, crawling technology and embed codes to reach new distribution channels and grow your influence. These methods allow you to standardize your value proposition and get more deals done.

To solve the problem to get the right content with the right sales manager or partner at the right time, you can start with looking where the content is stored and make it mobile available via low-touch business development like APIs, feeds, crawling technology and embed codes:

By using Zapier.com for example, it is for example easy to integrate a bunch of CRM apps like

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