From the beginning of my live, my live was about entrepreneurship. My father build his business that he took over from his grandfather to million € business. I had to help and wanted to help my father. His decisions were not always clear but in the end they worked out well.


Later I started my first job for him and half a year later in 1996, I started my own business in Poland.

Since that time I am very often in Poland and since the end of last century, I also live in Poland.

In 1999 I started another business in Poland but now in the Internet industry. Outsourcing to West Europe and selling software in Poland during the fast growing Internet Industry or the bubble called by some people (I don’t agree if you want to know why then contact me).

Since 1999, I was in the industry in Poland, in the meantime, I setup a pilot in the production of Petfood. Later we extended to Belarus for software development.

All together I have more then 15 years experience doing business in Poland that I like to share with you.

More information about doing in business in Poland you can find clicking this link.

If you like to discuss directly with me then contact me by filling the contact form.

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