A little after posted Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment, Jeanne Meister from Forbes posted an article called The Future Of Work: The Intersection Of Artificial Intelligence And Human Resources. It looks like Jeanne read my post and decided to give her vision. Below a review of the article:

Jeanne wrote:
Just as marketers have discovered the power of chatbots to personalize a shopping experience, HR leaders are starting to pilot chatbots to transform the employee experience.

I think she is right that the budgets and investments in chatbots for marketers are much bigger then in HR but it doesn’t mean that there are no changes. For me artificial intelligence and related chatbots in HR or recruitment are more a white spot. But the main challenge of chatbots is the user experience (UX) which is simply still very bad (see How to cross the #AI chasm with #ChatBots?)


About the market for HR chatbots from the perspective of the users and from the perspective of the management in the companies who need to invest in it, Jeanne wrote:

For employees, chatbots deliver an unmatched level of employee experience, from real time answers for HR questions to personalized learning and development. In addition, they are critically important to the 3.7 million workers, or 2.8% of the workforce, who work remotely at least half time and do not have easy access to an HR department.

Here, I completely agree with Jeanne, although the market is not ready for it yet which is connected with the User Experience.

For HR leaders, artificial intelligence is well suited to:

Chatbots To Answer Frequently Asked Employee Questions
An example is the chatbot, called Jane from Loka. Jane provides real time answers to a range of HR questions, including, “Are we off on President’s Day?” or “What are my dental benefits?” Jane is capable of answering any question and answer set that can be stored in a database.

Another value of Jane is the opportunity to track employee issues using real time analytics and then apply sentiment analysis to address these issues. Let’s say that a majority of employees are asking questions about late payments for travel reimbursements. This data can indicate something in the system isn’t working correctly. Before things become a full blown issue, HR leaders can uncover the issue and communicate a solution.

In my opinion, making a FAQ chatbot is a different user experience comparable with for example an app or a website. When it is working it is probably more user friendly, as the user will get his answers easier and can use his favorite chat app which is any probably already open on his mobile.

Chatbots To Improve Talent Acquisition
Talent acquisition and new hire on-boarding are ripe areas where intelligent assistants can tap multiple data sources to develop candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and make decisions about prospective job candidates.

Talla is a chatbot designed to augment the HR processes that source job candidates. Talla can provide a set of interview questions based upon the role, and can even conduct a Net Promoter Score survey following the recruiting process. It is working in Slack and saves many hours in recruiting and on-boarding .

I agree it is more efficiency then in a manual process. These is the first step.

Chatbots As Teaching Assistants
A long overdue application of intelligent assistants is now being piloted by professors who teach online courses known as MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses. Teaching Assistants can provide faster answers and feedback to the students.

I agree teaching by chatbots has an enormous potential. It is good to follow these developments.

In my previous post Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment, I mentioned following applications for artificial intelligence in recruitment:

  1. AI facilitates contextual-based search
  2. Analyses social footprints
  3. Helps find the right and passive candidates
  4. Quality hires

It is additional to the article of Jeanne. So just sum it up and you know what the future will be.

In general chatbots are the future (at least that is my vision). If you would like to know more or help to realize this vision, please contact me via the contact form.

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