The challenge for many companies is to generate leads or deals at a reasonable price. Adwords search is a wide used channel to generate conversion. In general it’s one of the lowest cost per conversion but you hardly create engagement to your product and brand.

In my previous article 7 levels of using Social Media, I wrote about various levels you can use social media. Share knowledge, crowd sourcing and co-creation are some levels in this order.



Based on a co-creation project we will test if it will be possible to create a solution where you can move part of your AdWords budget to a content marketing like solution with the same results.

To do this we share knowledge by content curation with a like solution. Via social media like Twitter and LinkedIn we will crowd source knowledge for possible problems and connected solutions. The same for questions and answers. The best will be if can find content that is very viral and attacks the right audience.

After building an audience (assuming we will find some interesting people) with the same problem, we will create a solution together, the co-creation phase.

If you or your customers (in case you are a freelance marketer or an agency) face the problem of lowering the adwords spent and want to create more engagement and branding, it may be interesting to help us to create a solution based on content marketing.

Feel free to contact us.

Some examples from co-creation:

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