Some time ago, Wendy Clark, SVP Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at Coca Cola gave a view on linked & liquid marketing on the Think DoubleClick event.

All tough Coca Cola is one of the biggest brands, the ideas behind their strategy are also very useful for smaller B2C companies and I would even say some of the focus can be even used for B2B.

2013 CSE Sports Business Journal, Sports Marketing Symposium; 10/2/2013

Coca cola has 3 areas of focuses:

  • Stories: content, experiences, conversations,
  • Spread: owned, earned, shared, paid
  • Value: transcends that to our own company

Wendy shares 8 learnings, which she put in a hash tag because:
If you can’t put what you are trying to do in a hash tag then you didn’t make it simple enough.

Below the #-tags with my opinion and eventually how to use it in B2C and B2B:

Sharing content is where is all about in Social Media. But in practice this is very, very difficult. In most cases your product or service is not so attractive to share so you need to find or make something that is attractive. You can use it for B2C but often also for B2B.

If you have satisfied clients or users then try to activate them to spread the message also via Social Media. It doesn’t matter if they are small or big. Referral is still one of the ‘easiest’ way to sell. These ambassadors are your extra sales force.

Speed trumps perfection is very important for brands that are used to deliver the perfect advertising or other commutation. With the wide introduction of Social Media speed is getting very important. You need to react on actually. In this case every minute counts. In B2B speed may be less important.

Keep it simple is nothing new in marketing. With the high speed of Social Media, short and clear messages are very important.

The new transparent world of Social Media, the content is changing all the time. There is no status quo for big brands. Smaller brands and B2B will probably not face this challenge so much.

To create new trends, you need to introduce and test new ideas. Ideas outside of the mainstream. Disruptive idea’s to make changes happen. Also in marketing disrupt creates the change.

The world is getting more transparent. First there was Internet and now it is combined with social media. Interesting messages are spreading extreme fast. So play it well and try to deliver your contribution to a better world.

See #playwell and try to deliver your contribution to a better world.

Operating principles for a real time world, as used by Coca Cola:

  • Culture: Empowerment not hierarchy
  • Technology: empowering decision makers
  • Measurement: learning leads to predictable marketing
  • Capability: develop for real time and rapid response

Once again, you don’t have to be Coca Cola to use these learnings and principles to a small(er) company. B2C or even B2B, take your advantage of it.

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