Let’s say you have an excellent idea but not enough money to invest. You can look for informal investors or ask your family or friends to invest in your idea and make a profitable business out of it. As it is not the best time to get money out of the market of out of your family (although you never know), the startups are getting more creative and try to get a lot of small and ‘amateur’ investors out of the market. We call this crowdfunding.


There are different ways of crowdfunding. You can ask for donation to  fund your idea (wikipedia.org is an example).  Another way is reward crowd funding to finance the production of your (revolutionary) product so early adapters actually pay their product in advance. Peer-to-peer lending is a form of crowdfunding but the most interesting for investors is off course the equity crowd funding where you get a small share in the company.

Examples of crowdfunding initiatives are:
– kickstarter.com (US)
– symbid.com (NL)
– tenpages.com (NL)

Another way or actually a new idea is that companies get a share or an option on the shares when they use the services to develop the product. We can call company-crowd-funding.

ContentForces developed software to outsource marketing. It is data driven solution that advices the user how to improve their (online) marketing with a excellent interface for communication and an integrated Content Management System. ContentForces would like to make it available for smaller companies with serious marketing ambitions. The software need to be developed further. On the other side ContentForces wants to make the software available for companies that would like to have their own insource team. The further development from the software is similar then for the low end market.

The companies that use the services and licence for inscourcing can get an option on the shares for the low end solution. It is some kind of equity crowd funding with a little reward funding but then by companies for companies.

If you are interested then please contact me.

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