When it comes to Kim Kardashian’s butt, the medium is the message.

Late Tuesday night (11-11), Kim Kardashian’s butt announced it would “break the Internet” when it appeared on the cover of Paper magazine.

Source: Time.com


Kim introduced the hashtag #BreakTheInternet

And what happened?
Technical the Internet didn’t break down but the buzz was BIG!

Kim, the former assistant of the “inventor” of reality soap’s, Paris Hilton, can create much more buzz then her teacher will ever do.

As BuzzFeed described the “13 Things We Learned About Kim Kardashian From Her Paper Interview“:

  1. She’s so physically flawless it’s bordering on abnormal.
  2. She has people following her around every day asking for selfies with her.
  3. She doesn’t use filters on Instagram because she’s “not really a filter person”.
  4. She enjoys saying Kanye’s name, apparently.
  5. She’s earned a casual $43 million from her Kim Kardashian Game app.
  6. She’s “obsessed” with apps but can’t name her favourite one.
  7. She now refers to her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries as a “lesson she had to learn”.
  8. There are over 300 selfies that she has taken that haven’t made the final cut for her selfie book, Selfish, which is due for release next year.
  9. She spends two hours in hair and makeup every day.
  10. She posted this selfie because her makeup artist commented that she hadn’t shared one in a while.
  11. She remembers every single selfie she has ever taken.
  12. She’s not sure she’d have been so successful if social media didn’t exist.
  13. And finally, she’s still very much OK with sharing her life with the world.

As we see BuzzFeed mentioned some positive but also some quiet cynical remarks.

In one of previous posts I wrote about Contagious content for travel. Kim can make contagious content, that is for sure.

But what can we learn from Kim to make content contagious?

Below some analysis of #BreakTheInternet according the content contagious classification used by @BrianKSullivan.

1. Social Currency
There are many people who adore Kim Kardashian’s but, probably there are even more people who are not so positive about the ways she is using parts of her body to get the attention. Both it creates some “feel good” for these people.

2. Triggers
Kim Kardashian announced to “Break the Internet”. Besides she has so much followers that it is almost automatically triggered (see also public).

3. Emotion
I would say, the following viral emotions Lust and Surprise are important but there is also some anger of people who don’t like her behavior. Awe (a combination of surprise and fear), which is the most viral emotion, I don’t recognize.

4. Public
Built to show, built to grow. Kim created her audience. Many followers who like to follow every step she makes. When the buzz is created it also easy reach the audience that doesn’t like what she is doing.

5. Practical Value
No idea, probably there is no practical value although you need some entertainment to make your live more pleasant

6. Stories
Kim Kardashian is a story and she creates stories. There is some kind of fairy-tale from what “the American dream” she reached, there is bad story from how she reached it and what she is doing to her body and there various good.

How can we use the #BreakTheInternet example to create contagious content for our own startup and businesses?

  • Have a clear focus, find your “Kim Kardashian’s butt” (hopefully the medium is also the message)
  • It is a long term job
  • Get attention, create a story (this is the difficult part)
  • Keep attention (and this is the real difficult part)
  • And monetize (or convert) the attention, when the moment is there

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