For quiet some time I am using for Content Curation. I also tested but although I see quiet some nice features in, it is not workable. Besides of, I use Google Alerts and Hootsuite to find interesting content and besides some newsletters but no feeds.

The main goal to be up-to-date with the latest news in certain area’s. is an excellent tool to find interesting and fresh information but you have to watch out sometimes as people also share old articles. But for curation (at least the free version) is annoying. All the tweeted articles are leading to the uncommon articles of For example a scoop like this.

An less important issue for me is that the impressions are very limited.

Today I decided to experiment with #hastags to replace as a tool to archive intersting articles and posts.

The experiment will look as follows:

Find content:
I will use the same tools as before so Google Alerts, Hootsuite and also to get daily updates.

Share content:
For sharing content I will skip but share it directly. It can be shared in all social media but it will be tagged with an own hashtag (see overview of the hashtag below).

Archive content:
The basic archive is the hashtag. Here is the assumption that nobody adopts the own hashtags. In this case with tools as Hootsuit you will get quick archives per hashtag. In case the hashtag is adapoted for the same purposes you will have free help. In case the hashtag will be hijacked you are unlucky.

In future the archive may be generated with tools that aggregate hashtags. Probaly it maybe extended with a maillist etc.


The hashtags:

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