Content is king is said about a website but content on the right moment is the queen (or more).

But what is the right moment?


If it is start raining and you are on the street selling umbrella’s (with a license off course),  you are on the right moment to sell your umbrella’s.

But now let’s say, you have online shop selling umbrella’s via Internet with 24 hours delivery service, it is too late when it starts raining. Now a potential client checks the weather in Berlin because he is going for a city trip to Berlin in the weekend. It would be excellent if during booking the hotel the reservation order line also advises him to buy an umbrella via the online shop because he may have rain in the weekend. The right content on the right moment.

In this example you connect the weather database to a booking system for hotels. It is technically a pretty simple algorithm  You can use the algorithm to put your banners (right content) online when a city trip tourist is detected to visit a city where rain is expected. The banner should be connected with a relevant landing page (also right content).

Unfortunately most products and services are not dependable of the weather.

Very often it is not so clear from which influences your sales are dependable. Besides there is also the sentiment and friends who influence the decisions.  The challenge is to find the right influencers and then detect the patterns to convert in algorithm. The next step is to analyze the influencers real-time and (automatically) react on it by placing the right content at the right time so the right context. Last and maybe most important is to make the system self-learning.

The one who can design this system for you is the king and queen. We, at ContentForces are the kings and queens that make it happen.

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