As mentioned in previous post Content Marketing Trends 2016 the Content Shock is coming. Probably in Europe it will take few years before the content shock will start, but better to be prepared.

A few interesting trends for 2016:
1) Artificial intelligence
4) Mobile users are getting more demanding (Quality)
6) Content as product
10) Content will be more interactive (Quality)
11) Quality makes the difference
13) No more bullshit (Quality)
16) Content in episodes – series (Quality)

Summarized it is all about


The question is how to deliver quality?
Or maybe better how to answer, the questions from your audience?
how to solve the problems of your (potential) client?
how to inspire your audience?
how to keep them connected?

To know your audience better, you need to answer these questions, you need to predict it…

Google Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself.

As company you can use this fact by using Google as research tool. On one site you have keyword tools and trends like:

Other sources are Social Media trends for example with Twitter. Here your Twitter dashboard and Social monitoring tools can be used to monitor certain trends. But tools need to be fed by keywords.

But the best “real time” source is your companies AdWords campain. Here you can see what is trending, you see how you visitor behaves, what he is looking for, why, when etc. Besides of that you can use it as input for Google Trends and Social Media trending tools.

And if you have all this input you can for example do #ContentMarketing, so make your stories the Render Positive way (see previous post: How to do Content Marketing the Right Way?):

And how to make a dashboard out of this knowledge?

According to Avinash a good dashboard should contain Insights, Recommendation for action and (Business) impact.


In our case, the dashboard will contain:


  • Get insights in trending search queries based on AdWords (see word cloud example)
  • Based on the search queries get insights in Google Trends
  • Based on the search queries get insights in Social Monitoring

Recommendations for action

  • Based on Insights get recommendations for creating stories that are share-worthy and stand out
  • Based on the stories get recommendations for finding articles to link from
  • Based on Insights use the keywords in your on- and offline promotion material

Business impact

  • Predictions of Business impact with recommended improvements in time and metrics (for example metrics within the See, Think, Do, Care framework and detailed metrics like the Social metrics like conversion-, amplification, applause rate)

In general, if you interested generate more idea’s for a Content Marketing dashboard with AdWords as research tool, then please contact me via the contact form.

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