Content marketing is getting more and more popular. Logical because when consumers have questions they search for the answer in a search engine like Google. Or they are asking for the answer via social media.


If you are selling a product or a service it is a good starting point for content marketing to find out the question your potential client may have. Off course you always need to start with your existing clients and asked them about their questions and problems you provided the solution. But to find new niches you can analyze the search queries in the search engines via for example Google Analytics. Step by step Google provides less and less search queries because of personified search besides in Google Analytics you don’t see the impressions, so the search query where visitors are not clicking. If you have a little budget it is a good advice to setup a Google AdWords campaign. This way you can generate leads or deals AND you get better overview of the search queries.

Based on the search queries you can see what questions your potential clients may have.

The same you can do in Twitter. There are (free) tools to analyze keywords, trends and sentiment. Based on this analysis you can indicate what questions your potential clients may have.


AND based on the questions you will have a starting point to start (see also build) your content marketing.

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