In previous article Customer development by Steve Blank I wrote that, Customer development is one the most structured ways to create a startup. That is the reason that ContentForces choose this as a base for their projects.

ContentForces is using the book “Customer development” and “Running Lean (Ash Maurya)” as the guideline for their own customer development.

The focus within our company is on Customer discovery and Customer validation. The 3rd and 4rd phase of Customer development, so Customer creation and Company-building is the grow phase. We will help you to find the right people to execute the plan and let the company go its own way.


The phases ContentForces is focusing on are as follows described:

  • Customer discovery first captures the founders’ vision and turns it into a series of business model hypotheses. Then it develops a plan to test customer reactions to those hypothesis and turn them into facts.
  • Customer validation tests whether the resulting business model is repeatable and scale-able. If not, you return to customer discovery.

The most important when you start a new project or build a new company, is the speed of learning. And then validated learning supported by data.

ContentForces is using the Kanban board as its base and Lean Canvas and when needed the Business Model Canvas as tools to measure the progress. As an introduction for people who are not familiar with Lean Startup (Customer development is based on the Lean Startup Methodology), we use the Validation Board.

Below an overview with links to other articles:

If you would like to more about our approach, feel free and contact me by submitting the contact form.

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