Innovation is nice and will make our live more efficient and easier but in practice many, many innovative products and services are failing or maybe better they are not adapted.

During the Startupbootcamp speed summit, the 2nd of June, in Berlin, I had the honor to listen to the keynote “Biological and Machine Intelligence: Now is the time to design the future” by Alexander Mankowsky – Future Studies & Ideation, Daimler AG

Who expects that car manufacturers are only trying to make the car as efficient and autonomic as possible probably this all new.

2016-06-02 17.56.20

For me it looked autonomic cars are a car with a bunch sensors, smart and learning algorithms in combination with what we know as a car now. But if you compare it with humans, humans are receiving their information, process it but also add emotions, intuition, experience and more.

An example in the sheet below.


The sheet gives a clear and view what
To be automated vs Not to automate.

Remote parking
To be automated: Visibility for architecture vs Not to automate: Sense of beauty

Part of the infrastructure
To be automated: Stay alert all the time vs Not to automate: Social perceptiveness
To be automated: 360 view
To be automated: Inform people
To be automated: Warn people vs Not to automate: Empathy

To be automated: Empower citizens vs Not to automate: Will-full Action, Creativity
To be automated: Inform about intentions vs Not to automate: Communication
To be automated: React to actions AND Offer communication vs Not to automate: Body language Gestures
To be automated: Watch for signposts vs Not to automate: Meaning from context

Coming back to innovation it my explain a little why it is so difficult. It is not only solving a problem better or more efficient, changing the behavior is much more challenging and it takes time…

Although the presentation is focused on cars, with a little imagination it is useful to use as guideline for your startup what to be automated and what not to automate.

An example, a startup that offers a solution to make the recruitment process more efficient by online assessment as a base to match company culture before the selection process.
Taking the following Not to automates in consideration

  • Social perceptiveness
  • Will-full Action, Creativity
  • Body language Gestures
  • Meaning from context

It may be very hard to automate it.

For startups a suggestion may be to think about the Biological Intelligence. Or easier to understand think about the behavior that is hard to atomize. Or think if and how to change behavior.

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