During my 15 years of experience with online marketing and especially corporations with marketing departments in corporate companies there are quite some challenges.

Marketing is very dynamic. My vision is that that marketing will perform better and marketers will be more motivated if you introduce agile processes on the marketing department.

Short cycles to learn. Use the learnings for the long term.


The main challenges I see are:

  • Make marketing ROI driven
  • Make marketing data driven
  • Move from waterfall to agile projects
  • Create a culture of testing, move away from budget driven marketing
  • Focus on questions of your potential clients, not answers
  • Focus on problems of your potential clients, not your solution.

I have some ideas to solve these problems and I am looking for partners (preferable freelance marketeers) who are seeing similar challenges with their clients.

But first I would like to know if it is an active problem more marketeers see.

If you have experience with marketing, how should you rank this challenges?

Can you explain why?

Please drop your answers in the comments or send me a message via the contact form or via twitter @ywanvanloon.

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