As mentioned in the previous blog post about Agile marketing. Digital marketing was complicated but is complex now.

Gartner visualized this complexity for us in the Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map.

The digital landscape covers a wide, complex territory. To plan and manage technology effectively, digital marketers need to understand the inherent relationships between diverse operational areas, applications, technologies and vendors (source: Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map).

The Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map shows the relationships among business functions, application services and solution providers. Use it to create a digital marketing solutions strategy, improve operations and plan initiatives (source: Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map).

Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map

It is very interesting to use the interactive map in the gartner website. You can view every track separated and this way you can compare them. There are Neighborhoods, Tracks, Stations and Intersections. Below the map it is explained how to use it.

There are the following tracks:

  • Ad Technology
  • Analytics
  • Creative
  • Commerce
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Marketing Management
  • Mobile
  • Real-Time
  • DataSearch
  • SocialStrategy
  • User Experience (UX)

As I am already more then 15 years in this business I am still learning every. I will make a short review of the interesting and new stuff in the Transit Map.

Let’s start with “old fashioned tracks“.

Creative is as old as marketing. Every traditional marketeer is focused on the creative part. More digital marketeers combine it with Analytics. The newer trend is UX (user experience) design. It is separated track so we come back to it later.

Strategy is one of the other traditional pillars of marketing. No strategy, no marketing plan (unless you implemented Agile Marketing). No marketing plan, no marketing. But as we see here Connection to BI is getting more and more important. The Big Data is coming. It is located in the Data Opt area.

Attribution and Mobile search is a trend that we can not miss. Multi-channel optimization (Attribution) is a must for every marketeer. Mobile is already a device that can not be ignored anymore. Rich Media Search is new for me. I know Google is working on it but I didn’t see it in practice. Unless you search in rich media by file names, tags and other additional text.

This were the first 3 tracks reviewed in the map. Probably in July the other tracks will be reviewed. So stay in touch.

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