Idea’s are everywhere. Clients and employees always have the best idea’s but for a company it is very hard to listen to all the idea’s and even impossible to execute all idea’s. The result is that employees get frustrated because employees think they have good idea’s but nothing happens. And frustrated employees means lower productivity and a higher change that they will leave the company sooner or later. In the end the company will even be satisfied that the frustrated employee leaves the company. But was it needed? Was it not possible to motivate the employee with his idea’s, even when they were not implemented.


The 2nd groups are clients. It looks like clients wants as much as possible for as less as possible investment. But is that the truth?

If a client buys a product or a service, he would like to solve a problem. It can be a “real” problem to improve his business, or for consumers his life, his family etc. It is not always a “real” problem but it is a problem in the mind of the client (even not having an iPhone can be a problem for some people).

If a company would like that clients are coming back, it needs to take care that the clients are satisfied. A satisfied client may order more and is an ambassador for your company or product. To improve the client satisfaction, you need to listen to your client. Zorg ervoor dat de beslissing om te gokken is uw keuze .
Client have good idea’s which may improve your business overall and improve the client satisfaction. So why not listen to your client’s idea’s…

Now the other side of the story. Employees and clients will have far too many idea’s, probably often you will not have budget or you will not be able to earn the investments back. Here Lean Startup with its customer development comes in.

To make a choice between all the good idea’s, you can validate the problem first. If the problem is validated then solution needs to be validated. The solution needs to be validated including the Return On Investment and if it is some kind of spin off your business then you can use the Lean Canvas and the Business Model Canvas. Based on the canvasses Minimum Viable Product’s can be build and validated.

Idea management in combination with Lean Startup is a perfect combination.

If you are interested to discuss the combination of Idea management and Lean startup with me that contact me via the contact form.

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