In times of crisis people get more creative. Although it is not easy to find clients, it is a good time to start a company. If you start in tough economic times, you have to learn faster. You will be more competitive and in the better times, because after every crisis comes a up-going business cycle you can grow.

If you have a very professional and ambitious approach, the scientific method Lean Startup from Eric Ries is probably the best way to start up or improve your new business. Within the method you threat your company as an Innovation Lab. If it is a new product or service of an existing company it will be the ‘innovation lab’ within the company.


What is an Innovation Lab?
An Innovation Lab uses Lean Startup techniques to create disruptive innovations on a continuous basis (source The Lean Startup, Eric Ries). The base of the technique is creating a Minimum Viable Product. As a start up it is your tool to bring value to your customer. As an existing company you can take the innovation “out of the company” and act as a startup.

Why an Innovation Lab in Poland?
On one side it seems to have an Innovation Lab in your local office is the most logical. But if you have a running business it is better to isolate the Innovation Lab from the daily business based on traditional management. Also the real startups take profits from an Innovation Lab in another culture when they have international expansion plans. This way you get already used in different cultures. All together working on a distance requires structure and can be more based on results (metrics or KPI’s) then on emotions.

Besides the benefit of distance there are more benefits from working in Poland. For example:

  • Create real value for your customers according proven method
  • Don’t waste but create value
  • Save up to 80% of your operational costs to a local Innovation Lab
  • Highly educated and motivated Polish workforce
  • Take advantage of the (European) subsidies in Poland
  • Many proven examples of innovative startups like Dropbox, Aardvark  (bought by Google) but also a billion business like Intuit.
  • Same timezone as Western Europe

ContentForces offers you to create your own Innovation Lab in Poland. We have more then 15 years innovation experience in software development, online marketing, Big Data, outscouring and operational management. Combined with the benefits mentioned above it is an ideal mix. As a startup or existing company ContentForces is recruiting innovative graduates and delivers services like Lean Startup consultancy, management, office, legal, finance and all you need more. And more important ContentForces will advice in the right process and deliver the right tools.

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