For centuries, people are working for companies, they get a weekly or monthly salary. The taxes ans social security are paid for them. The idea is that you work for a company all your life and the company takes care for you all your live.

Step by step the system developed itself, probably Unions helped to develop the system.

But the world is changing. Already for decades people don’t expect to work all their live for the same company. They want to make a career and more important have a better balance between live and work.

In one of my previous posts 9 reasons why freelancers take over the world #FreelancersTakeOverWorld, futurist Jacob Morgan, gave 9 reasons why freelance work will be more and more important. Actually most reasons are not only focused on freelance work but more flexibility to get a better live-work balance.

We can think about reasons like:

  • Globalization
  • Later retirement
  • Marketplaces and platforms
  • Job instability
  • Technology and mobility

In another post 6 marketplaces as an alternative for a staffing office, I described some examples of Marketplaces and platforms, in this case to enable flexible work.

Summarized the world of labour is changing. Uber is nice example of platform that exchange the taxi-service and give the drivers complete flexibility of work.

Over last years I started few projects that can be related to Innovation in labour:


I have to admit, at first sight, it doesn’t look like it is an Innovation in labour. But the website contains content from travel bloggers. Some travel bloggers are very innovative and created a new way of living by earning on their travel blog. Their work is travelling and they made their of their hobby, their work. By far not all travel bloggers can not live from their blog. Step by step CityTripWith.Us helps the travel blogger to generate more traffic and ways to generate more revenue out of their blog.

Disruptive staffing
My previous post Disruptive Innovation: Flexwork and staffing in 10 years describes a very interesting way of Innovation in labour. In various corporations, we are learning in the Childcare (The Netherlands) and the event management industry (Poland).

Trainee portal
Probably less disruptive then the previous projects but for sure very innovative. By smart partnerships in the triangle student – school – company we are trying to make a better match between companies who like to work with trainees and the trainees themselves. The link is (Dutch).

Coming time, I will focus more and more on platforms with innovative solution is labour. If you have feedback or you would like to join one of the projects, please drop a line in the comments.

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