Personal assistants like Google Assistant or Siri may be the future. My personal opinion is that they will be part of our future but important is that the assistants are doing what they should do, namely assist. If we watch in the traditional world, a good doctor knows his patient, knows his history and has the experience to give the best medical advice. In practice it is hard, a doctor has a patient record but doesn’t know the patient personally. The doctor may have years of experience but still doesn’t knows all the cases.

If you compare it with artificial intelligence connected to for example a mobile phone or better medical wearables, it can measure, compare with unlimited other cases, pro-active predict and advice. For a doctor it will be hard to predict as the patient in general only visits the doctor when he doesn’t feel well.

Digital assistants have the potential to be better medical assistant then the doctor and it is also more personal from collecting data but has less empathy (although this also depends of the doctor).

Summerized a good digital medical assistant has additional value.

Now getting a new work. It can be freelance or a full time job. In the real world most people don’t have somebody who professionally advice them.

So a digital job assistant might create value for the user.

Let’s see how Google Assistant can help already.

Case number 1
If you need money I would like to have freelance job tomorrow
> I would like to have a freelance job tomorrow

Case number 2
If you don’t like your boss and you would like to change your job
> Can you find an interesting job for me
> click button “do you have some suggestion for my career?”

Case number 3
If you watch case will be finished in three months and you would like to find a new and easier job
> in three months I will finish my job
> in three months my job will finish do you have a suggestions find other work?


Case number 4
If You’re In The Train and I would like to communicate about nieuw possibilities For Work
> Do you have some suggestions for my carreer?


Case number 5
If you’re personal assistant know you need money you had a very good you did a very good job recently and got good reviews it and it notarized something available in this company it roll recommend you this job
> Can you find my recommendations in LinkedIn?

Case number 6
The personal assistant no sharing the train and start conversation to get known you better
> Google assistent is not doing this..

If we see all the cases, Google Assistant needs to lear more to be a good Personal Job Assistant.

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