The target for Lean Startup is reach product market fit. Create value for the customer. You can use the same approach for marketing only, in case you have an established company that found product market fit many years ago, it is still a challenge to keep your marketing efficient and even more challenging promote your product in the always changing behaviors and influences in the market. You need to find marketing market fit all the time. Keep up with the mainstream client but also find new segments.


How to run your marketing Lean?
Marketing is all the time looking for niches of changed behavior and external influences. To keep this lean you should look for a new segment of approach a segment in a different way is a short as possible time with the lowest as possible effort . It is actually the Minimum Viable Product but then only for the marketing. Try to achieve Marketing Market Fit in stead of Product Market Fit.

You start with a hypothesis.  When these are not the first market activities you can use the data from previous marketing actions. Very important is to use actionable metrics focused on real Return on Investment (ROI) and if possible add also Brand- and or engagement value.

The cycle is the same, build – measure – learn. After every MVP you can pivot or persevere. You can zoom in or out so widen or narrow the segment.

Comparable with Lean Startup the customer segment pivot is actually not a pivot for marketing but it will always stay a journey for the next segment. Continuous iterations.

As tools you can use an adapted business model canvas and the customer development checklist from Ash Maurya.

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