Some time ago we started CityTripWith.Us our team. CityTripWith.Us is a travel website to plan your city trip.

The idea is based on a personal problem where me and my team discovered that it is very hard to plan your CityTrip based on good content. Content that’s preferably not commercial as this is always positive but also not the user generated quick content that is always very positive or very negative.

Most interested, at least for me is travel blog content. But blog content is honest and written out of interest with a lot of effort, BUT it is unstructured and it is hard to make a a plan based on various travel blogs. For example in general it is not connected to a map.

Besides of the planning challenge, for travelling orientation and inspiration it is a very important part of the customer journey. On the other side big travel organisations are spending millions on AdWords and other online advertising.

So all the flags were on green. This should be a piece of cake.

But in practice it wasn’t…
Main challenge is the execution. We miss content oriented (business) developer.

That is why…

we are looking for a co-founder who like to activate users to create content by giving the good example tends to be followed.

Below our journey (till now) we made with the team, that is documented based on the own designed Marketing Experiment Board, which is based on the Javelin Experiment Board but more focused on traction and less on product development.

The Marketing Experiment Board with the experiments as described below.

Experiment 1: Travel bloggers
Find bloggers, republish their content and inform the blogger to share on social media.
Unfortunately almost no reactions from bloggers…

Experiment 2: Traveltime on Facebook
Travel Time is a Facebook page that tries to attract travelers in the wide area of traveling. Within this page the posts for CityTripWith.Us can be shared. To make the Facebook page working you need to spend a lot of time and patience to make it working.

Experiment 3: Social sharing of landingpage events
Shared social media campaigns with all kind of events and trade fairs. Landingpage <> for events (for example MaerzMusik) with interesting places around the event may be interesting for the visitors. The idea is that we at CityTripWith.Us promote the event and the event promotes CityTripWith.Us via social media. It works when there is dedicated social media manager for the event.
Quiet successful campaigns where The Berlin Long Night of the museum, The Berlin European Month of Photography and The 25 years fall of the wall. What was still missing is the value for the visitor to come back and maybe more important to recommend the website (via social media).

All examples of the landingpages:



Experiment 4: #GlobiOne
#GlobiOne is the Mascotte of CityTripWith.Us. #GlobiOne is marked with a hash tag around the internet and travelled in cities in Poland, Germany, Georgia, Netherlands and Turkey. Unfortunately #GlobiOne is not so popular yet as we wanted him to be.

Experiment 5: Social sharing of landingpage holiday apartments
Similar to events, owners of holiday apartments can offer their visitors with interesting places around their locations. AirBnB owners seems to be the perfect target group but unfortunately very hard to reach. Traditional holiday apartments owners were interested but didn’t want to be the early adapter. Here the example landing page we used to approach the owners.

Experiment 6: LinkedIn ads focused on apps for holiday houses
A complete different approach was providing an app for renters of holiday houses. The app can be downloaded per location and also provides practical information about renting the house. We created a LinkedIn campaign with a landingpage to order the app based on the “Pre-sell MVP” but the conversion was 0.

Experiment 7: Urbex
In an effort to find niche audiences we focused on travellers that travel for Urbex or Abondent places. We mainly focused on influencers and had very interesting conversations with die hard Urbexers but the sport is not to use Internet for their hobby.

Experiment 8: Maps route 360
Together with the startup Motionintelligence from Berlin we added their route 360 advanced map feature. It is not a real experiment as will not deliver visitors directly but it needs to be a feature that visitors come back and better share it with their friends.

Experiments that are planned

Experiment 9 New city: Poznan
As the team is located in Poznan, we will try to enter a small niche city for travelers. The idea to use the International network in Poznan, as well the Erasmus student network. There will be an offline event organized connected to find the Hidden Treasures in Poznan.

Experiment 10: To be defined with the new Co-founder
Suggestion is to focus on bloggers again in combination with co-creating of travel content.

If you are interested to create traction on CityTripWith.Us, you have a few hours per day and the dream to be a co-founder of startup in Travel, please contact us by leaving a reply below.

We hope to welcome you soon!

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