The startup industry is growing as an industry (although you can hardly call it an industry). As an ecosystem startup is definitely growing and besides politicians getting aware of the fact that their country needs to become or stay innovative and startups are the way to become more innovative.

And probably most important is that multinationals more and more see that their business models in which the try to preserve the problems they solve need be changed. Even if the models lasted for more then 100 years (like for the railroad company Deutsche Bahn) it will change coming years. The best way to do re-invent yourself as a company is to participate in startups. So many multinationals start quiet independant ventures, accelarators or incubators.

Now the other side of the medal. As a founder of a startup your live is becoming more and more easy. The is a lot of money available and as soon as you get a piece pie they think to be new Marc Zuckerberg.

I expect a small part of the founders of the who raise seriously funding with the serious VC’s are definitely the possible winners. But if you’re playing on a lower level, as a stuburb founder (which is a good characteristic) but also inexperienced it may be really killing for making partnerships and manage a company.

For me a reason to avoid this group and experiment trying solve a startup problem for a different audience. It is probably a mix of Venture Building and Angel Investment. Maybe Rocket Internet is some kind of an example from a company who is doing this on a big scale.


The problem (we hope to solve):
Not enough time and technical knowledge to realize your startup dream.

Probably I will setup some experiments to discover if following segments have this problem:

  • single founder startups
  • Small- and Medium sized enterprises that like re-invent themselves
  • partime startuppers (for example single founders that don’t want to quiet their job immediately).

In general we can help with building and Minimal Viable Product in combination with getting #Traction.

If you recognize the problem and you would like to discuss it then please leave me a message in the comment box.

Probably later this year I will post a follow-up.

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