Online shopping in Poland increased by 23-25 percent in 2012 according to a new study.

The research by web site also estimates that the overall value of Poland’s e-commerce market is now close to 21.5 billion zloty (5.2 billion euro) (source:


In the figure you see similar data in USD for Western European countries. If you compare with other Western European EU countries the the eCommerce in Poland is growing faster but the total sales is rather low.

“The prognosis for 2013 anticipates that the market in Poland will grow once again by more than 20 percent,” said Stefan Nowak, a management consultant for, as cited by the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Meanwhile, analysts are predicting that the largest growth of the coming years will be in mobile commerce (m-commerce), which covers online shopping made with mobile phones or tablets. (source:

In the report made by internet research firm Gemiusz, it was found that 42 percent of respondents who shop online believe that the process is risky, even though they continue to do it.

Generally, respondents stated that they found e-commerce to be cheaper and quicker than traditional shopping (source:

In Poznan (Poland) my experience of the last months, is that the shops with a physical presence, are getting more and more competitive prices. I am mainly talking about electronics. The shops were adding their products to price compare websites like Often there is not a big difference in price between this shops and shipping, as you need to pay for shipping too.

Even a shop as Media Markt seems to be more competitive in price now. A year ago they were far more expensive then the small Internet shops without physical presence in the big cities in Poland.

It can be that the shops with a physical presence find their way to compete, or maybe some of the small Internet shops disappeared as they could not exist with their (too) low pricing. Or it is the other way around and the the shops with a physical presence running on their last breath. It seems that the only way to sell, is to be competitive on price. The future will show it.

Going back to the article from
Overall, some 72 percent of internet-users said that they had made online purchases, but 60 percent of these say that they buy products online just a few times a year. Only 20 percent of online-shoppers said that they bought products over the internet a few times a month or more. According to the report, the best-selling products bought online are books, CDs, DVDs, clothing, jewelry and accessories, as well as as electronic goods (source:


In the figure you see similar data for Western European countries. If you compare with other European countries the percentage of Internet users that buy online is much lower then in Western European EU countries.

Summarized we can make the conclusion that Poland is an attractive market of 40 million people who’s incomes will grow much faster then in the rest of the EU.

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