It looks like there is no guideline to be a successful entrepreneur. Even following the Lean Startup methodology is no guarantee for success. The success of a startup seems to be like in the casino. It is partly dependable of luck. Find the right solution for a problem with the right team, on the right time, in the right market with margins and make it scalable. And don’t forget to communicate it in the right way, so find the right Value Proposition.

The most successful not seems be the ‘first to market’ but the ‘fast followers’. Examples are Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.the_social_network

So the lesson learned is to look for concepts that seem to solve a problem but need to be improved.

The ‘first to market’ startups probably found a problem – customer (segment) fit. But the solution can always better. This is the ‘easiest’ part.

Summarized the best steps to create a successful enterprise should be :

  1. Find problem-customer (segment) fit
  2. Find ‘first to market’ mover
  3. Create a better problem-solution fit

Assume finding the right team is up to you, as an entrepreneur. The other parts of the casino namely the right solution for a problem, on the right time, in the right market you found.

The margins and scalability is also relative easy to predict.

It will not be easy to find and maybe more important you have to like it to. Follow your heart too. Which makes it even more complicated ti start a successful enterprise.

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