Rand Fishkin is the cofounder and Wizard of Moz. Rand shared a very relevant presentation on Slideshare in which he describes the 5 reasons that content marketing fails. And it’s very recognizable….

A summary with my feedback:

Most Content Efforts Will Fail
You’ll Invest with the Best of Intentions
You’ll Launch with Excitement
And it Will Suck
And You Won’t Know Why

There 5 main reasons reasons:
Why Your Content Marketing Will Fail

Reason #1
You Believed the Biggest Myth Content Marketing Ever Told the World
(The Obligation Rests on Marketers to Set the Right Expectations with Our Teams & Clients)

My feedback:
Yeah what can I say more…
If you sell content marketing to a customer and you tell him not to expect to much. Otherwise it will be hard to sell. So you only have change to sell when the client has a very active problem.

Reason #2
You Made Content Without a Community

  • Content Spreads Because It Inspires a Community
  • It Reinforces a Belief
  • Refutes an Opposing Argument
  • Starts (or Renews) a Passionate Discussion
  • Is in Someone’s Financial/Promotional Interests
  • Leverages Group Inclusion Dynamics
  • Makes the Sharer Look Smart/Important/Worldly/Etc
  • “Good Enough” Content Often Performs Well when a Community Is Behind It
  • Only the Best 0.1% of Content Can Go “Viral” without a Pre-existing Community

Before you create content, ask the question: “Who will support & amplify this content and why?”

Reason #3
You Invested in Content Creation, But Not in its Amplification

  • Content Must Reach People in Order to Reach Its Potential
  • Channels for Reaching the Right People Depend on Your Audience

My feedback for reason #2 and #3:
In practice here is the real challenge. Right content for the right audience. How to find the audience and more important how to find the influencers who are amplifying this content.

Source: Slideshare: Why content marketing fails?, slide nr 28

Below Rand described a process to solve the problem of matching content with audience and find influencers and build a relationship with them.

Most Amplification Methods Fall Into These Three Buckets:

  1. Broadcast (often via Social Media, Email, or through Events)
  2. 1:1 Outreach (via Social, Email, or In-Person)
  3. Paid Amplification (many varieties)

A basic process for getting content amplification right:

  • Step 1: Find Successful Content in Your Niche (use buzzsumo.com)
  • Step 2(a): Find Where It’s Being Shared (use buzzsumo.com)
  • Step 2(b): Go Beyond Social Networks (use Fresh Web Explorer)
  • Step 2(c): Find Who’s Doing the Sharing (use buzzsumo.com)
  • Step 3: Copy What’s Working For Them (use Ripples in Google+, see how)
  • Step 4: Build Relationships with Those Who Can Help (use Followerwonk)
  • Don’t Treat Amplification as “Fire & Forget.” Experiment, Learn, & Apply.
  • Think of Each Channel Like a Muscle to Be Flexed & Strengthened Regularly
  • Don’t Forget to Leverage What is Still the Most Powerful Sharing Channel (according to NYT)

Reason #4
You Ignored Content’s Most Powerful Channel: SEO

  • Google Search Has Grown Massively
  • While Search Traffic is Distributed, Social is Highly Concentrated
  • You Might Have Seen Re/Code & Buzzfeed Claiming Google Search Traffic Was Dead
  • SEO is Also Critical Because of Intent
  • When Done Right, Content Marketing is the Rising Tide that Lifts the SEO Ships
  • At the Very Least, Do Your Keyword Research

My feedback:
Completely agree. We experiences ourselves.

Reason #5
You Gave Up Way Too Early

My feedback:
Yes that is always the question when do you have to give up. In general never give up but try new ways all the time.

So as Rand says:
The Price of Success is Failure after Failure after Failure*
*Hopefully, each of those provides an opportunity to learn

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