On the 27th of May I got the opportunity to be an observer on the first Pitch Day for the Startupbootcamp in Berlin. The event took place in The Rainmaking Loft.

Pitch Days are informal events used as a part of the screening process to discover the hottest startups for our 2014 Startupbootcamp Berlin accelerator program. The selected teams will be given a chance to pitch to the Startupbootcamp team, receive instant feedback from our mentors, and learn more about the Startupbootcamp program.


The focus for the current program is Smart Transportation & Energy – the connected and efficient movement of people and goods.

Below a summary of the startups that pitched:

Cooling Inno
This a Slovanian Startup that claims to have an alternative for an airconditining that uses only 10% of the power of regular usage. Very promising and I am looking forward to test the product in my own office.

Berlin Shuttle
Berlin Shuttle is a cheaper alternative for travelling by train in Germany. It is cheaper then travelling by train and much faster then travelling by coach bus. It is a combination of car rental and car pooling. A very interesting concept of budget travelling and maybe more in the future.

Allship is Fench startup that facilitates a platform for peer-to-peer transportation. You can choose your own means of transportation.

A Swiss startup that facilitates a peer-to-peer platform to bring shopping’s home. On one side the convenience buyer who who like to have the shopping’s delivered at home. On the other side people who want to earn or want to help by bringing the shopping’s at home. From social perspective a very interesting initiative.

RockCity is or wants to be a delivery service for daily needs. RockCity sees themself as the European version of Postmates. The company is supported by the Google Startup program, which is quiet impressive because as far as I know they only deliver their free services to highly funded startups.

Rokka Solutions
Rokka Solutions is founded by Flavio, who has more then 10 years experience in parcels. With his back ground Flavio would like to bring the parcel lockers to a higher experience by creating an open software platform for the Lockers. Based on the open platform developers can create their own apps for Parcel Locking. The sky is the limit, if the producers of the parcel platform will adapt to the platform.

T-dispatch is a startup with offices in London and Berlin, who deliver fleet management to (taxi) driver fleets. It is a B2B company who enable driver companies to start their own Uber and enable ordering and paying a (taxi) driver via an App.

eBikeFinder is a startup that helps consumers and companies to move (from car) to electronical bikes. E-bikes makes bicycling more comfortable as you get help of electrical engine during riding a bike. You can regulate yourself how much you wanted to get helped. As E-bikes are expensive and a bottle neck for the consumer may be that E-bikes will be vandalized or stolen, E-bike brings a new service on the market where you pay a flat-fee rate per month for your E-bike.

Solar Cloudcast
Solar Cloudcast is an startup in the idea phase. The idea is that if you can better predict the electricity usages, power traders can take a big benefit of it.

Motion Intelligence
Motion Intelligence is an innovative startup that makes online maps much more valuable. It enables you to see how far you can reach within X minutes by different means of transport (afood, bike, public transportation, etc).

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