The Heat is On at Silicon Allee’s Scorching Summer Meet.
“If you can drag yourself away from your whirring fans and air-conditioned hidey-holes, then come beat the heat at Silicon Allee’s scorching August meet up. We’ll be back at Sankt Oberholz for out famous monthly get-together on Tuesday, August 13”,
was the announcement on

Luckily, the big heat is over and the air-condition is hardly needed but the meeting was indeed quiet “hot”.


There were no presentations and I think also no sponsors, at least I didn’t see them and I paid for my own drinks. It is not such a bad approach because it may work as a filter. The “startup people” who are more interested in free drinks then in their own startup, will not come. So a smaller group, probably mainly because it was in the morning, with more serious people so very interested talks.

The open approach made people asking to test their landing page or app (Sankt Oberholz has WiFi without hassle). It is worth to visit the meeting Silicon Allee in Berlin, although probably not possible for people with a job.

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