On August 17 Start-up Berlin organised a Meetup and Summer BBQ sponsored by ProfitBricks.


Another summer startup meeting in Berlin. As I was in Berlin and I was quiet interested in the presentation of Profitbricks I decided to subscribe. It was a BBQ and the organization asked a for a small donation. Very fair I think and probably some selection for the more serious people.

Most people I met were freelancers, probably building their network and besides off all having fun. The atmosphere was great. Mainly open minded people with all their own story.

Unfortunately I missed first part of the introduction of ProfitBricks but I was in for the main presentation. Tobias Krebs, co-founder of Incuda presented Incuda BI, a business intelligence platform for e-commerce companies that utilizes the scalability of the ProfitBricks IaaS 2.0 solution. Tomasz showed how ProfitBricks helps Incuda to grow its business and how incuda BI can turn to help you grow your business by utilizing your data. The vision of Incuda BI is to “data-drive your business”!

For me it is was a big question why a company tries to compete with the IaaS services of Amazon. Better?, Cheaper? ……? After the presentation of Incuda I knew the answer. In Germany clients of IaaS services require special certification which Amazon will probably not provide. The ‘bricks’ seems to be also cheaper Amazon to step in. Quiet a challenge to get the scale of Amazon and compete on price but an interesting approach for startups and probably a long term strategy for Profitbricks.

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