Out- or InSource projects are often failing. Often the reason is a difference in culture. But actually difference in culture is more a plus then a minus, you only need to recognize and use the culture differences.


With more then 15 years of experience of outsourcing to Poland and Belarus, we found the way. Important is the attitude to culture as well the business culture. Do not think that your culture is the best and everything that not matches in another culture is bad. Every culture, as well every business culture has it good and it less good aspects. Combine the good aspect from both cultures is the golden rule.

If you hire graduates because they are very eager to learn so also very open to adapt the good aspects of the culture. They are open for a new way of working but they will also show there typical way of working. This was, you as manager you can also can learn from your new employees.

For example if you compare the (business culture) in Poland with the (business) culture of The Netherlands, you see that in Poland people are used to execute the orders from the “boss”. In the Netherlands you discuss till there is a compromise. The Polish way is more effective but the Dutch way is more creative. If you open the way for discussion but the ‘boss decides’ you have an excellent compromise.

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