Big Data is one of the buzz words from last years. In a post early 2013 I tried to explain what Big Data is (see What Is Big Data?). Another problem of using buzz words like Big Data is that people don’t know what it is but starting talking about. Which leads to various intrepretations and worse it seems that Big Data is the problem itself. A manager in a company needs to do “something” with (Big) Data because it is hot. But the manager has actually no idea what is Big Data.

So actually it doesn’t matter if you call it Big Data or not, the question is what can you do with the data you are collecting as a company?

Many companies and other organizations (like the NSA 🙂 are focussing on collecting data. The more data you have the better, because you never know…

It is not an unlogical apporach but you need to know what you will do with the data.

My vision is: Learn from data. Data my say more then a feeling or a vision. At least is will confirm (or not) the feeling.


What are the challenges of data:

  • Recognize paterns that you expect (based on feeling)
  • Recognize new paterns
  • Data visualation, to create awarness

From CMO perspective:

  • How to create a culture of experimenting?
  • How to implement data driven markening?
  • How to move from budget-driven to data-driven marketing?
  • How to create data-driven awareness in the marketing department?
  • How to implement accountable marketing?

From analytical marketeer perspective

  • What is the next action to take in the marketing?
  • On what KPI’s to focus?
  • How to crerate awareness of data-driven marketing with the CMO?
  • How to vizualize data?
  • How to analyze social media?

From creative marketeer perspective

  • Why to use all this data, as marketing on “feeling” works fine?
  • How to learn using web analytics tools?
  • What is the next action, based on the data to take in the marketing?

From Small Business Owner perspective

  • What is the next action, based on the data to take in the marketing?
  • How to make the marketing accountable (like sales)?
  • How to earn this back?
  • How much to invest?
  • Be the first mover in the industry?

From freelance online marketeer perspective

  • What is the next action, based on the data to take in my clients marketing?
  • How to gain more knowledge and experience?
  • How to convince my client to move to data-driven marketing?
  • How can I present myself as company?

This list is just the beginning so as you can see there are already many, many problems (or questions) for different roles.

This questions needs to solved per industry for people with a different background.

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