To illustrate how difficult it is (or can be) to find the right customer problem fit, I took “the challenges of online marketing” as an example. With more then 15 years experience with online marketing, I know the practice, the trends and the figures but is still very difficult to find a solution that fits to significant segment of the market.

The challenges (or problem) in on online marketing seems to be obvious but in practice, the perception is different based on the role, based on the industry and maybe mostly based on the background of the professional you are talking with.

A famous quote of John Wanamaker:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half..

Below an overview based on research and on practical experience with the challenges per role (as industry would be to detailed):

From the Chief Marketing Executive (CMO) perspective:

  • Data explosion: how to handle the explosion of (analytic) data?
  • Social Media: what is the best Social Media strategy?
  • Growth of channels: on which (new) channels should company to focus?
  • Shifting consumer demographics: how to handle changing demographics?
  • Integrated process: how to improve and integrate the execution-, operational-, analytics process?
  • Return On Investment: how to measure the Return on Investment to make the right decisions?
  • Content Marketing: see challenges below in the figure

From the Creative Marketeer perspective:

  • On which channels to spend my budget?
  • How can I justify my budget spendings?
  • How can I get more budget for next year or next quarter?
  • How can I interpret the analytics data?
  • How can I use data more then intuition?
  • Do I want to measure the Return on Investment?
  • Where does potential client convert?
  • What can I do with Social Media?
  • How can I improve my SEO?
  • Is SEO death?
  • Is link building most important for SEO?
  • Is Social Media important for SEO?
  • How can I improve my AdWords campaigns?
  • How to implement Display as a channel?
  • What to do with tablets and mobile?
  • Which campaigns to improve?
  • When and in what priority shall I improve my campaigns?
  • Is the download time of a page important?

From the Analytical Marketeer perspective:

  • On which metrics to focus?
  • Can I make a dashboard of the right metrics?
  • When is a metric actionable?
  • How to define the next action?
  • How can I use AxB testing?
  • Can I use multivariate testing?
  • Which analytical tools shall I use?
  • Is my data analytic correct?
  • How to implement conversion attribution and which model is the best?

From Small Business Owner perspective:

  • Where to invest to get short term sales?
  • Who to hire? A company, A freelancer or an employee?
  • How to measure the improvements?
  • How to improve?
  • How much to invest?
  • How can I be the first mover in my industry?

From freelance online marketeer perspective?

  • How can I sell more to my clients?
  • How can I gain more knowledge and experience?
  • How can I present myself as company?

This list is just the beginning so as you can see there are already many, many problems (or questions) for different roles.

This questions needs to solved per industry for people with a different background.

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