The ChatBots are coming, is a series of posts I try to explain why there is no way back anymore at least if ChatBots can interact like humans. Some call ChatBots revolutionary as it is an natural language interface, personally I expect it will be more an evolution and very dependable of a good User Experience. Other names for a ChatBot are Conversational IU or digital assistant.


In this post I explain why ChatBots will be so interesting to find a job or other types of work.

Studies show that the job seekers who are actively looking for vacancies is a very small group. On the other side only a very small group of people is completely satisfied with their job and not at all open to move. An example of such a report you can find in Recruiting Active vs. Passive Candidates on a LinkedIn blog.

The traditional solution to approach the passive job seekers is “recruitment”. In recruitment candidates that fulfill the job profile are selected and then the recruiter (tries to) start a conversation. Recruiters told me it is numbers game, which they mean the recruiter approaches many candidates and a few react positively. Quiet annoying for most people involved.

A better way is to start the conversation and try to discover what’s up with them. Try to help during the conversation with building their career, or actually like Dr. Armin Trost describes it:

I want a meaningful job,
that fits to me and my life.

So the conversation should be started about the candidate’s life and maybe indirectly the type of work (for example permanent, flexible or freelance) and so on. Maybe the wishes don’t fit the reality and it is advised to follow a course. Keep in contact with the candidate but don’t offer a job as long as it is not wished.

This would be nice work for a recruiter, but the question is how will the recruiters earn on it, as long as the candidate doesn’t have any interests in “sell able stuff”, there is no income but it costs a lot of time.

Here the ChatBot can come in. The ChatBot can easier learn about the candidate by analyzing all the available and provided data. It can be a social media profile, the activity but also a CV or assessment tests that the candidate likes the bot to use. After an opt-in introduction in which the candidate starts the conversation (this can be triggered in various ways) the conversation can continue later. During the conversation the candidates profile is extended and the ChatBot may makes an appointment to have a new chat after days, weeks or even months. Also the candidate can be monitored for example for his social media activity so in case something seems to be changed the conversation via ChatBot can be setup again.

And what about recruitment marketing?
I expect we will need to continue with recruitment marketing. If the target audience is using chat, the first contact needs to be initiated to start the conversation. Maybe sometimes the candidate may be reminded with re-marketing but in general the budgets for recruitment marketing can be reduced, as once the conversation with the candidate it would be possible to keep the conversation, assuming the quality of the conversation is (very) good.

And Employer branding?
Probably the same efforts needs to be done. Although it seems to be very efficient, it is not wise to use the conversation for Employer branding. This way the conversation with the candidate is not neutral anymore which lowers the quality. Probably when the candidate will get the feeling that he or she is moved to a certain employer, it will loose the trust.

After some short research it seems that the ChatBot as described above is not available yet. Probably there are people having this in mind or even companies that work on this type of bot already. But below some chatbots that are already visible (but often still in Beta).

Job Pal
Literally, chat with every candidate says Job Pal. It looks the focus of Job Pal is to get recruitment process integrated in the standard process. Probably helpful if the recruitment process is not changed.

Olivia from
This is the personal recruiting assistant. In other words the bot supports the recruiter in their tasks. In a way it seems to be similar to Job Pal.

Jumpstart your hiring today. Cyra uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to provide you with exactly the right candidates you’re looking for. It looks like this ChatBot will replace the recruiter although the only way for finding candidates, seems to be a subscription on the website. Probably recruitment marketing needs to be done anyway.

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