Chatbots can be described as automated programs to help communicate with businesses. With tech businesses’ increasing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, bots are believed to take the centre stage when it comes to users communicating with said businesses (source: Bots are coming! Here’s what tech companies are up to)


Chatbots are coming because..
Microsoft, Facebook and Google are making us to believe that the tech paradigm is changing. It is even said that chatbots are the new apps.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella announced betting big on bots. Within his vision humans will interact with machines. Nadella is the person who said that bots could replace apps in the future. Microsoft is experimenting with it’s bot Tay.

Probably Facebook is leading the chatbot race. In April 2016, Marc Zuckerberg opened up Facebook messenger app for developers to build chatbots, which resulted already in more then 11 000 bots.

And also Google joins the ChatBot party. With Allo Google introduced a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Besides of that Google “owns” TensorFlow, by far the most popular open source machine-learning platform. Applications made using this platform are very good at natural language communication with humans, and get better with use.
(source: Bots are coming! Here’s what tech companies are up to)


Chatbots are coming because..
In my opinion it is a step between the personal assistants, like Google Now, Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft) and Echo (home device from Amazon). Once again the big tech companies who will take advantage. Others say: Bots are the New Apps, Voice is the User Interface.


Chatbots are coming because..
It was mentioned already before, the ChatBots are replacing the apps. Every app has its own user interface, its own rules, and its own way of interpreting how to filter an image or track your run while draining the life out of our precious smart devices.

The total app time for most people is going to a few apss, and most of the time it is Facebook, including its messenger
It is much easy to use the the Chat then switch between apps and get bad search results (source: Why chatbots are replacing apps)
Chatbots are coming because..
Besides of corporate usage for commerce, services, recruitment and more there unlimited possibilities. Some examples:
Weather bot. Get the weather whenever you ask.

  • Grocery bot. Help me pick out and order groceries for the week.
  • News bot. Ask it to tell you when ever something interesting happens.
  • Life advice bot. I’ll tell it my problems and it helps me think of solutions.
  • Personal finance bot. It helps me manage my money better.
  • Scheduling bot. Get me a meeting with someone on the Messenger team at Facebook.
  • A bot that’s your friend. In China there is a bot called Xiaoice, built by Microsoft, that over 20 million people talk to.

Chatbots are coming because..
Chatbots will be very helpful for enterprises. Under the condition that Enterprise-ready chatbot platforms should include at least some of the following capabilities:
(source: What do chatbots mean for the enterprise?)

  • Integration with messaging platforms
  • Natural language learning systems
  • Chatbot store
  • Monitoring
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Testing
  • Security


Chatbots are coming because..
Communication via Chat Platforms is becoming amazingly popular. Examples are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp but also more business related like Slack and Hipchat.


Chatbots are coming because..
You are not the first ones have already arrived with Facebook Messenger and more. Companies like Uber, 1-800-Flowers, Burberry, Taco Bell, Dominos, CNN, HP and Here are all the Facebook Messenger bots we know about so far.


Chatbots are coming because..
Chatbots can be used for customer service but also sales, marketing, security, recruitment and much more processes, in many industries.


Chatbots are coming because..
Besides of the convenience of communication, a user profile can be build so the ChatBot learns personally about it’s user and can advise all the time better.


Chatbots are coming because..
And at last definitely not at least, ChatBots are solving the problem of light and easy finding the right information by a simple conversation. For example you look for a restaurant to eat now, a search in Google gives you a lot of results, a search in Yelp still to many results but a if you ask your friends on a Whatsapp group, they may give you only a few choices, for example a nice one and a nice one which is a little a more expensive. It is what you need at that time. With a ChatBot you don’t need this friends anymore, the ChatBot will advise you.


Now is the question when? and will they been mainstream?
I expect it all depends of the convenience (so the quality).

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