You, as a publisher would like to sell all your advertisement space for the highest price as possible. The more relevant the advertisement for the user the higher the conversion for the advertiser. Remarketing was the golden egg. The same advertisement space more relevant for a visitor, based on his activity before. But as re-marketing was growing, the more advertisers started using it. As a result the user mentioned that he got “all the time” a banner of a website that he visited before. Sometimes good as a reminder but often the buying decision was made already and you still see the same banner. For example you look for a hotel in a city, you find it and reserve it but now you will get for more then 30 days banners of the booking sites that you did not use. It causes irritation with the visitor.


In the European Union, governments see this as a violence of your privacy and tries to change the law by an opt-in solution for cookies. We can argue if it is privacy or not. But it is easier to focus on a technical solution. The solution is simple and more or less the standard in Internet. Let the visitor decide…

If the visitor is followed by a banner, he will be able to click away this banner “forever”. You as a publisher gets very valuable information, as you know that this visitor doesn’t wish to be followed by your banner anymore, so you can use the space for a more valuable banner. And above all the visitor is in control. With one click he gives his preference and you as publisher or advertisement network can use this information to serve this visitor better. Problem solved, no privacy issue anymore.

It sounds simpler then it is in practice. Privacy is a wider issue as most visitors don’t know which information can be tracked. Here is a lot to do to create transparency. Let’s be the “click away banner” the first step follow by (technical) solutions that learn the visitor which data is tracked and for what it is used. It avoids a lot of legal discussions.

Hopefully “they” are listening in Brussels 🙂

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