Entrepreneurs you have in all sizes. There are entrepreneurs who just started or entrepreneurs who have a business for years or started many successful business. The drive to be an entrepreneur is always based on the wishful thinking.

The wishful thinking that your product or service exactly fulfills the whole in the market that you, as an entrepreneur expected.


The wishful thinking is widened and translated as the vision of the company.

Some entrepreneurs have the right wishful thinking, so the right vision exactly transferred in a product or services that hits the market. Sometimes even better, it is going so fast that the entrepreneur could imagine.

But very often is not going as you wished. The clients are not willing to buy the product or not so much as wished or as you expected.

Although the starting point of the introduction of a new product is the wishful thinking, it is good to be very critical to your own wishful thinking. Actually it could be better to switch of wishful thinking and only formulate a vision that you can validate in the market. For example using methods like Lean Startup and Customer Development.

The only problem to take the wishful thinking away of the entrepreneur  the motivation of the entrepreneur is also gone.  And no motivated entrepreneurs means no new products, no innovative products and no new enterprises.

So, we can be happy with the wishful thinking is the motivation of an entrepreneur to exist.

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