How can your advertiser spend his budget on advertising instead of production and operations?

Let’s say you are a big but local publisher and you don’t like to share your web analytics data with companies like Google or other ad networks. So you decided to use your own AdExchange software (for example OpenX). Unfortunately, your advertisers do not have the functionality to make their ‘life’ easier without implementing expensive software tools. The result is a long and costly production of their ads, time-consuming maintenance of campaigns and no interaction with other channels. Your advertiser needs to spent a big part of his budget on production and maintenance. Your customer could spend this invested money on relevant advertising.

DoubleClick Google

You can help your advertiser reduce his time and focus on getting better results by:

  • integrating his search marketing and other channels by offering bid optimization that makes intelligent bidding decisions in near-real time and detects trends for display advertising
  • integrating cross-channel campaign management on one unified platform with single tag management and upload/connect offline conversions to make display buying much smarter by combining trends with targeting to deliver more relevance. Sophisticated machines learn algorithms instantly and select the optimal creative elements for each ad impression – based on a real-time analysis of which combinations of items will perform the best.
  • optimizing the best ads forward with creative optimization: your advertiser won’t need to monitor his campaign placements and creatives constantly
  • integrating ad management and ad serving solutions that help agencies and advertisers manage the entire scope of digital advertising programs
  • managing and measuring in-stream video campaigns
  • streamline workflow for planning, trafficking, targeting, serving, optimization and reporting
  • streamline rich media production: Easily coordinate the Rich Media workflow across creative and media

Till now, it looks like DoubleClick is the only company that delivers a full functionality like this. But DoubleClick is a global advertisement network and besides this, it is even owned by Google. So if you do not want to use a network like DoubleClick, but you want to make the ‘life’ of your advertiser easier, I suggest to think about the possibilities to invest in your own platform. Your advertiser will use the money he needs to spend on production and maintenance to buy your ad space and the ads will be more relevant and perform better so you, as a publisher, can increase the price of your ad space. It is a win-win situation.

If you want more information or idea’s about building your “own DoubleClick” platform, then leave a message in the form.

Ywan van Loon

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