During my long time experience as a manager of a software developers, data anlysysts, marketeers and project managers in my own companies, l learned the best teams are multifunctional teams that understand the business and the technology. The only way to create multifunctional teams is to work with specialist with a broad interest in the final user. So the team understands each other.

Within my approach highly motivated, preferable young people with a clear goal. Highly motivated translates in my opinion automatically in fast learner (I maybe wrong in case you have the target to become a specialist but no talent for it.)

For example become a software developer. By learning about marketing, content, data-analysis and a final focus on software development in interesting projects eventually combined with highly specialized people you can build this ideal multi-functional team.

Now I mentioned that there is a word for this ideal information worker. It is called T-shaped. Broad of knowledge, deep of expertise.


If you bring T-shaped people for marketing technology in practice, a modern marketer needs 7 skills a marketeer to succeed (see infograph Fromstack made by @Formstack).

  1. Analytics
  2. Social Media
  3. Data visualization
  4. Technical skills
  5. News jacking
  6. Team work
  7. Soft skills

And extra content and design.

A good marketing technologist needs at least 2 of these skills number 1 till 5 as a deep expertise. Team work and soft skills are obligated and the other skills need to be broad available.


In the marketing and startup industry where I am active this is an ideal mix in the team.

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