Early last year I published become The Uber for (flexible) work. It is more a mindset, or maybe an -easy to predict- vision for the (far) future then a project. Anyway many people asked me what are you doing with the Uber for work and what is the status?

As mentioned it is vision, but probably hard to reach without an extreme team and a multi-million bag of money, eventually partnered with progressive HR giants that have the candidates, data etc.

So what is the status?
We don’t know the shortest way but we know to end point. It is like we know we will cross the river but we don’t how, when and with who. Anyway we are working on the tools and get as much as possible user feedback.


What is problem?

I want a meaningful job,
that fits to me and my life.

As defined by Dr. Armin Trost is a professor for Human Resource Management at the Furtwangen Business School in German. Unfortunately most HR managers are not looking for solutions to solve this problem. HR managers think from the traditionally Human Resource Management approach:

The right people, in the right place, at the right time.

As long as this approach is widely adapted by companies that provide work, the Uber for work needs to prove the opposite first. The best way is proof it (like Uber is doing in the Taxi market) but this take time and serious money.

So what can be a reasonable approach?
The change of behavior of HR managers, will be very dependable of the market. There need to be shortness of qualified people, in other words the “worker” needs to have many choices.

On one side their is a big group who may loose their job as their work will be more automated but at the same time there will be a lack people that are automizing the work (When recruitment is not needed anymore…) . The group who’s automizing the work will be able to find their meaningful job, that fits to them and their life. So we have to wait, monitor and help this group till they are coming closer to have this power.
Why waiting? What can we do in the meantime?
In the meantime we can prepare the ingredients. The Uber for work requires:

  • App for matching
  • Algorithms for matching: more data is required
  • Communication channels to reach final users
  • Users, users, users and vacancies

Within ContentForces the app for matching is ready and live tested. The algorithms is a bigger challenge as we need loads of data for deep learning. Till that time we creating algorithms based on Natural Language Understanding and other Machine Learning methods. In the ideal situation a few HR giants will join us or at least provide their data. Last but not least are the communication channels. In general we are prepared but we found interesting way to combine data collection with a (new) communication channel. It is called the recruitment chatbot that can help with all processes withing the recruitment. Soon it will be available on stageafstudeerportal.nl.

We still would like to crowdsource this project. Probably the more traction we get ourselves the more likely the change to crowdsource. Hopefully soon..

If you are entrepreneur or freelancer we would like to hear your opinion and spread the word if you agree. Together we can build the best solutions, probably per industry and hopefully on base framework (which we try to create step by step). Please drop feedback by leaving a comment or join the project and contact me via the contact form.

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