Some time ago, it became more and more popular to create an own talent pool as a company. In other words, you collect applications, select the best candidate but store the other good ones in a database.

But what you do with the Talent Pool?


First an overview with some software that can be used to build talent pools. Per solution, we copied the connected “talent pool” features

Talent Search
You’ve advertised your jobs and received some good and great applications, but only one perfect fit gets the job.
Capitalise on your biggest business asset and make the most of every application as Broadbean indexes, tags and filters responses into a fully searchable, internal CV database.

Recommendations from employees often result in the best hires.
Empower your employees to become the ultimate brand ambassadors for your business and attract the best talent using SocialReferral.
SocialReferral is your employee ambassador program with massive recruitment benefits.

Data Analytics
Report on spend, activity and effectiveness from across your entire talent acquisition function, from one central reporting dashboard with our Data Analytics Suite.

It is more traditional way of recruiting where there are more candidates then vacancies. Post a job, automatically process the CV’s and get more CV’s by social reference. But by storing the CV’s and make them searchable you create a talent pool too.

Talent attraction – Recruitment – Retention

Talent Pool Manager
Every application is automatically created to build highly searchable & accurate Talent Pools

Seamlessly identify and add candidates from social media sites directly into your Talent Pool

Talent Pool Service

Our team add, update and maintain all of your applications to create amazing talent pools


What talent (acceleration) pools do we need to create?
Which areas and roles are key to your organization’s success today? Which areas and roles do you expect will be key to growth and success in the future? These are the areas you need to develop talent pools for. You’ll certainly need a leadership talent pool – most organizations do. And you may want to create a talent pool for mid-level management, depending on the size of your organization. But beyond management and leadership, every organization has individuals or groups with knowledge/skills/ expertise that help the organization to establish and maintain its competitive advantage. In order to preserve your competitive advantage, you need to develop deep bench strength in these areas.

What do we need to do to create a talent pool?
Identify the knowledge, skills and/or experience that are critical to success in each area and critical to the organization’s success. One of the ways you can do this is by interviewing current high-performers in those areas, as well as their managers.

Who should be assigned to a talent pool?
High-performers — employees who are high performers in their current roles.

High-potential employees — people who’ve been identified as having the potential, capacity and interest to advance in the organization and broaden or deepen their knowledge/skills/expertise.

People who embody your culture and values — make sure you consider your organizational culture and values when determining talent/acceleration pool membership. There are some who say this is most important, because you can teach technical skills, but not culture and values source: Creating talent pools

But reading the descriptions, it looks like none of the software companies explained how to nurture the candidates in Talent pool. Off course you can search in the pool if you need another candidate.

But shouldn’t you activate your Pool and get it alive?

If you have some idea’s how then please contact me by submitting the contact form.

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