Some time ago, I joint a meetup of IT-recruiters that shared their challenges and its solutions. An interesting way to improve the recruitment process in a way to perfection. For example the recruiters tested the most efficient way to greet someone in an e-mail (for example hey, hi or dear). Making the process perfect I would say.

On the other side a recruiter told me it is a number game. You approach as many as possible candidates and hope one or more are interested. Probably the other 99% of approached people are annoyed.

The bigger challenge..
Besides of that the challenges are much bigger. On one side their is a big group who may loose their job as their work will be more automated but at the same time there will be a lack people that are automizing the work.

The World Economic Forum published an interesting report about these Employment trends.

In the figure below the predictions according the World Economic Forum are shown.


And “everybody’s” personal challenge
And then about ourselves. We would like to be in control about our career on the long term and the work-live balance on the short term (see also 9 reasons why freelancers take over the world #FreelancersTakeOverWorld)

Are recruiters taking care about the bigger challenges?
Sorry, I didn’t ask but my impression is that they need to solve the short term problem of their clients. Logical I think..

Maybe the better question, how will change the recruiter landscape coming years?

At first recruiters need to discover, how to approach candidates without bothering them.

At second recruiters need to discover, how to find candidates who are talented and motivated to change their job family (see figure of the World Economic Forum)

At third recruiters need to discover how a job may fit in the better live-work balance of a candidate.

My conclusion is simple:

We don’t recruitment for that..

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